GW Schroeder brings together professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills, on a uniquely global scale. The depth of expertise and sheer numbers of specialists allow GW Schroeder to take on complex, strategic projects that no other firm could deliver. We bring a longer term view than many others.

Clients trust GW Schroeder's people to question a vision as well as help to realise it. GW Schroeder's commitment to a sustainable approach to all its projects is both enshrined in a formal sustainability policy and embraced personally by the individuals that together make up the firm. GW Schroeder's ownership structure actively reinforces this approach and holds the firm accountable to its own people for its independent approach, and to its social and corporate responsibility. 

The chance to work with some of the world’s leading experts, the range of professional opportunities, and the support and freedom for innovation means that GW Schroeder remains a magnet for many of the world’s most talented engineers and designers.